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online Police Check FAQ

Police Checks Online is designed for individuals requiring an Australian National Police Check for employment or volunteering purposes.

There are a number of organisations who have specific requirements and require an Australian Federal Police Check, including checks for:
- VISA applications
- Australian Citizenship Applications
- Immigration purposes
- Victorian IVF requirements
- Overseas immigration departments
- Requirements for foreign embassies
- Applications for Australian Police Officer and recruits, Taxi Licence, Justice of the Peace, Jurors, Magistrates, Judges

If in doubt, please contact us before commencing your check.

You need to provide the following documents to complete your police check:
- 1 x ‘commencement of identity’ document, eg a valid Australian passport
- 1 x ‘primary use in the community’ document, eg a valid Australian driver’s licence
- 2 x ‘secondary use in the community’ documents, eg an Australian Medicare card or bank or credit card
- At least one of the above documents must include your photo
- A linkage of identity photo, ie, a photo (‘selfie’) including yourself and one of the above documents
- The documents must show the same name as your claim, or evidence of a change of name is also required

Once your check has been submitted, in most cases your result will be returned within the hour.
However, in around 20% of cases it may take a number of days for your final result to be returned.
There are a number of reasons as to why some police checks take longer to process than others, including:
- You have a common name
- Transferring of information between state and territory police agencies before the information can be released
- The relevant police agency has inaccurate or incomplete records which need to be investigated
- Old police history associated with a possible match requires manual collection and processing of hardcopy records
- Workloads within each police agency

To help protect the Australian community, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) works with Australian police agencies and accredited bodies to deliver the Australian National Police Checking Service.
Police Checks Online is a part of WorkPro, and WorkPro is proud to be an ACIC accredited business.

WorkPro connects to ACIC’s database and our software is secured in line with ACIC’s stringent security and audit terms. WorkPro regularly undertakes testing to ensure our software remains in line with ACIC and Australian Government legislated requirements.
WorkPro’s system manages the security, archiving and destruction of information in accordance with national Privacy Standards and ACIC’s terms of service.

Once the certificate has been delivered to your account, you can share it securely and instantly with any organisation.

If you are an organisation and need to order more than 20 checks, it may be more cost effective and efficient for you to use the WorkPro online platform so that you can request, track and manage everything in just one place.

Visit workpro.com.au/backgroundchecks/ australian-police-check/ to learn more about WorkPro’s complete range of streamlined employment services.